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Collection: freeze-dried fruits

4 Berries other than Freeze Dried Fruits:

Lio-Fruits Freeze-dried raspberries 40g

Lio-Fruit Freeze-dried strawberries 40g

Lio-Fruits Freeze-dried Cherries 40g

Lio-Frutas Freeze-dried blueberries 40g

ALL THE FLAVOR AND NUTRIENTS OF THE FRUIT WITHIN THE REACH OF A COUPLE OF BITES : 100g of freeze-dried fruit is equivalent to 700g - 1kg of fresh fruit.

WITH ALL THE NATURALNESS OF THE FRUIT: 100% natural fruits. No additives or preservatives. Pure fiber and natural nutrients to enrich your snacks, breakfasts, snacks and snacks.

NO EXPIRY DATE : Freeze-dried fruit is kept in perfect condition for up to a year after opening the package. Always remember to close it tightly and store it in a cool place without direct exposure to sunlight.

TAKE IT WHEREVER YOU WANT: Packed in a comfortable doypack in 40g portions to be able to take your favorite snack with you wherever you want. Thanks to freeze-drying it is not sticky or difficult to eat. Children will enjoy the fruit as if it were a candy.

UNMATCHED BREAKFASTS AND SNACKS: Combine Lio-Frutas freeze-dried fruit with your favorite nuts or muesli to create super-nutritious breakfasts, snacks and desserts. Add a burst of flavor and vitamins to your boring shakes and smoothies.

IDEAL FOR PASTRIES: Put your master touch in all your recipes by adding Lio-Frutas freeze-dried fruits. A twist of flavor with all the healthiness of natural fruit.