THE BEE FAMILY - Where generations of Polish beekeeping tradition merge with the Nordic love of nature, offering a new way to enjoy cooking and a healthy breakfast.

We are what we eat

In modern times in which we humans have had to live, we have been gradually losing contact with nature while more and more ultra-processed food products have been appearing in supermarkets. Our mission is to share with you our passion for what is natural and to be able to bring the whole world closer to the healthy, clean and nutritious products that nature offers us. Pure, without additives.

Forest fruits and honey are wonderful: natural and healthy. They have always been present on the tables of Finnish and Polish families. Our family union comes from a family with a Polish beekeeping tradition and a family that lives in the lush and wild Finnish forests. This is why both honey and forest fruits have been present in our diet throughout our lives.

We have started a new and own family history in the city we always dreamed of, Barcelona and now we live here in Spain. We would love to be able to share our same passion with colleagues and friends at #TheBeeFamily by bringing our healthy and flavorful habits to all of your dining rooms.