Regalo de boda para invitados - clásico de verano e invierno - Miel con frutos del bosque

Wedding gift for guests - summer and winter classic - Honey with berries

The wedding gift for guests is an element of great importance in any marriage celebration, as it is the memory that relatives and close friends will take home as a symbol of the festivity.

There are thousands of wedding gift options for guests, however, the trend is to give functional, useful objects that are more than an ornament and become essential.

Honey for weddings

According to the traditions that we have inherited from some countries and cultures, honey has always been present at weddings, in fact, the expression honeymoon refers to the act of undertaking a trip, either abroad or within the country, after having celebrated the wedding However, the honeymoon has different origins:

  • One of these is from more than 4 thousand years ago, when the Babylonians used mead (liquor based on water and honey) even for a month after the wedding to celebrate the union. Being based on the lunar phases, the Babylonian calendar was essential for the celebration of weddings, so this post-celebration period was called "honeymoon".
  • In Ancient Rome it was customary to leave a jar of honey in the room where the newlyweds would spend the night, with the idea of improving the fertility of the couple, so for a month they both ate honey.
  • For its part, the Catholic Church had consented to the custom of using honey as a symbol of the wedding, since a wedding can be bought with honey as an imperishable food whose sweetness deepens as time goes by. An ideal analogy with what is expected of a Christian marriage.

The best option to give away

Honey has always been present in this crucial event in the lives of many generations, which is why honey for weddings is a gift option for guests, who can then enjoy it and remember the sweetness of the celebration.

The celebrations will have a touch of distinction if at the end each attendee brings a jar of honey as a small gift, and it can become a summer or winter classic.

Honey with all its properties, flavor and distinction can enhance any celebration and, in addition to weddings, it can be given on wedding anniversaries, baptisms, graduations, promotions, birthdays, reunions and all those occasions that are cause for joy.

Give a classic and natural product

Nature gives us endless products that we can consume directly from farms, fields or hatcheries and honey is one of them, which we can either consume alone or add it to any sweet, salty, sweet and sour preparation or as a topping of the food you prefer. .

The market offers a wide variety of honeys that make us think before choosing the best ones, because ice creams, cereals, yogurts, cakes, pancakes rise to another level when we add honey.

Honey with forest fruits

Honey is listed as one of the best foods that have existed since ancient times. Its composition is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, nutrients, minerals, vitamins, organic acids that make it a unique superfood.

The idea is to get to know honey better, take into account its infinity of properties, try all the variety and have an extrasensory experience with options such as pure honey from bees and lingonberries, blackberries or blueberries, such as those offered by .

Because, ultimately, regardless of the occasion, we all deserve the rich taste of honey and benefit from all its benefits.

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