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Limited Edition | Honey with Berry | Honey with berries | Tasting pack of 3 flavors in a jar

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-Limited edition-

The 3 flavors in a jar (3x 220g = 660g)

Enjoy our delicious honey, you will love its texture and exquisite flavor. In addition, it comes in a super practical format. Use it in your salads, vinaigrettes, smoothie bowls, pancakes...
Give a touch of color to your weekend breakfasts!
Many of the popular jams, chocolates and spreads are full of added sugars and preservatives.
Eliminate artificial products that have a large amount of added sugars to start the day in a healthy way.
100% natural energy and carbohydrate source that travels with you easily.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

👉 30 día Garantía de Satisfacción del 100% en su primer pedido del Pack degustación si no está satisfecho!

Estamos tan seguros de que te enamorarás de nuestras mieles que si por algún motivo no quedas satisfecho, te devolvemos el 100% del precio del Pack degustación.

Nutritional values

Valores medios por 100g
Valor energético 1425kJ / 336 kcal
Grasas 0.00 g
 de las cuales saturadas 0.00 g
Hidratos de carbono 82 g
 de los cuales azúcares 69 g
Fibra alimentaria 1.6 g
Proteínas 0.00 g
Sal 0.08 g
Ingredientes: Miel de flores 97%, Arándano / Mora / Arándano rojo liofilizad@
País de origen: Polonia

Usage and storage

Esta miel no se procesa y naturalmente se cristalizará (pasa de estado líquido a sólido) especialmente cuando las temperaturas se mueven entre los 10 y los 20 grados.

En ningún momento la miel se pierde sus propiedades naturales y para obtener de nuevo una miel líquida es preciso aplicarle calor.

El método más fácil para devolverla a su estado original es introducir la miel con agua tibia (temperatura de la mano de 35°C hasta 45°C) durante 5-10 minutos.

  • logo 100% natural miel y frutas liofilizadas comida natural


    Forget and eliminate processed foods from your diet. With 100% natural ingredients you can stop worrying and start a healthy life .


    With this rebel sweetener you will not take in empty calories . You will have all the benefits of the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants of natural honey and with zero added sugars .


    We know that it is very complicated for those who suffer from food allergies , that is why you will not find a trace of gluten , lactose or palm oil in our honey. Enjoy your food to the fullest without worrying about anything.


    You don't have to be a honey fanatic to love the taste of Honey with Berry. Choose your favorite fruit and enjoy honey like you've never tasted.


    Trade dry bars for a light and easy way to take a natural source of energy with you on your hikes. You can choose your favorite flavor and forget about the cardboard flavor!


    Easily store this energetic honey in a pocket, no matter if you are traveling with children or going on a picnic or camping trip. You can use it all or save it for later without worrying about staining yourself.

  • breakfasts




    plain yogurt

  • brunch



    honey vinaigrette

    green juices

  • Desserts





Red cranberry

Don't be fooled by the delicate pink color of Cranberry Honey , our honey is a rebel! With all the properties of authentic natural honey and cranberries, its bittersweet taste will not leave you indifferent.


From the deep forests of Poland we bring you this blue jewel. Our Blueberry Honey combines the best of artisan honey together with the exquisite wild blueberries. Its intense and refreshing sweet flavor will be perfect for all your dishes and its color will cast a spell on you.


Have you seen a more discreet honey than a purple honey? This delicious organic honey will surprise you with its incredible purple color and its deep flavor, full of intense nuances.